Mission & Vision

Access to electric energy, safe drinking water and education are taken for granted by many people in the northern Hemisphere, but it is not a reality for hundreds of millions of people living in rural areas of developing countries in Africa and Asia. Here, people are suffering from poor health and living conditions, low income and the inability to provide their children with basic needs such as a balanced nutrition or education – either due to lack of money or unavailable services. Against this background, the WE!Hub project was launched with the mission to improve the livelihoods and opportunities of those people. We want to combine this aim with the global responsibility to combat climate change and reduce pollution of nature and facilitate a holistic long-term improvement of disadvantaged areas and communities. Off-grid solar stations are thereby not only an environmentally friendly and effective way to provide renewable energy and pure water in rural areas of Africa, but also help people saving money, create needed jobs, open opportunities for education and increase the economical infrastructure and health – all of them contributing to the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and World Summit of Sustainable Development (WSSD) objectives. The project has the vision to contribute to the economical, ecological and social development of Kenya’s rural areas and to spread this idea to other places all over the world, where the access to energy and clean drinking water is not guaranteed.

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