Thames Electricals Ltd. / Light for Life

Thames Electricals Ltd.

Thames Electrical Ltd. (Thames) is an importer and wholesaler for electrical accessories, fittings and other technical devices, based in Nairobi, Kenya. The company was founded in 1980 and has a long-standing experience in the energy market. As a local player in Kenya, Thames has also close links to the relevant local and national authorities.

Specifically for the project, Thames founded the social business Light for Life, which is the project’s cooperation partner on-site and has the ownership of the Hubs. Thames supports its sister company with its expertise in local logistics, storage, procurement and administrative services.

Light for Life

Light for Life is a new company incorporated to build, operate and expand the WE!Hub concept with its partners, while maintaining a social, financially sustainable business with good environmental practices. With the technical support of Thames, Light for Life will lead the implementation on-site, be a contact person for local communities as well as national authorities and will manage the daily routine operations of the WE!Hubs.

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