The WE!Hub

By implementing solar energy technologies, the WE!Hub offers clean off-grid energy and pure drinking water for rural areas in Kenya and is coevally a chance for employment, income generation and training center for the local communities. Each Hub has a large number of rechargeable batteries, lamps and lanterns in store, which are rented out for an adequate refundable deposit. The batteries can be used to plug-in radios and are – in combination with a fitting lamp – especially designed for night fishing as well as the permanent installation in shops and restaurants in terms of their high light intensity and duration. The lanterns have been predominantly developed for the flexible use in households or small shops. For a small charging fee, the user can return the empty battery and exchange it for a recharged one. Maintenance and repair will be assured with no additional costs by trained personnel in the Hubs. Recharging and repair is exclusively done in the Hubs, guaranteeing a professional service and therefore a long-living quality product. Each Hub is equipped with 48 solar panels on the roof, ensuring the generation of sufficient electricity to operate the Hubs daily. Even additional services like solar-operated mobile recharging, internet access and water purification can be offered.

Each Hub employs up to ten people from local communities. New employees receive a special training prior to their employment. Depending on their interests and skills, they work with different focus on fields such as sale, maintenance of technical parts, accounting or management of the Hubs.

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