Kericho is a city in the South West of the country and lies within the highlands west of The Great Rift Valley. With a high altitude and virtually daily rains, Kericho is the centre of Kenya’s large tea industry, importing the high quality products worldwide. Additionally, the area is home to Kenya’s biggest water catchment area, the Mau Forest. The total population of the area comprises of over 500.000 people, with 150.000 inhabitants being the urban population of Kericho itself. The main source of income in this region is from the harvesting and production of tea leaves but there is also a vibrant floricultural business which exports many different types of flowers to the European markets.

Despite Kericho’s flourishing industry, the livelihood of the laborers working on the tea farms is unexpectedly poor. The majority are housed within the farms themselves, living in small villages dotted amongst the tea estates. Due to the expanse of the tea farms, many of these villages are without connection to suitable power and are using kerosene lanterns for lighting.

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