Lighting products

The project’s technology partner OSRAM developed two rechargeable solar lighting products (O-Lamp and O-Box), specially designed for the use in households, small shops and night fishing. These products don’t need to be bought by the customers but are rented out after a small refundable deposit is left with the Hub. After use, the discharged products can be exchange for recharged ones for a small charging fee. Batteries and lanterns are recharged at the Hubs using solar energy. The Hubs have an in-house maintenance operation for the lighting products to ensure reliability. That way, a professional service in terms of recharging and repair is guaranteed.

The O-Lantern & the O-Box

The O-Lantern is a portable, light weighted lighting product, mostly utilized by customers for the flexible use in households and in small shops. It provides up to eight hours of light. The O-Box in turn, is a battery which can generate light up to 16 hours. It is usually used with a specially designed, fitting lamp, which is plugged into the O-Box. The lamp has a dimmable bulb and is perfectly suited for night fishing as well as the permanent installation in houses, shops, schools or restaurants. The O-Box additionally offer further fields of application which go beyond lighting such as the connection to electrical devices like mobile phones, laptops, radios or even small TVs.

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